Trillium Organic Services is a Organic Waste disposal company based here in Yellow Springs.  We provide a safe, clean and easy solution for the disposal our communities Organic Waste.  With door to door service, T.O.S makes it easy and affordable for residents of Yellow Springs to divert their Organic Waste that traditionally ends up in landfills.

Keeping our environment safe is the number one priority of T.O.S.  This is why we work alongside local government agencies to ensure we meet regulations and provide our customers with the knowledge that their waste is not being wasted.  That we create a sustainable future for all, is our purpose and our goal.

As a T.O.S member you too will be apart of ensuring a greener future for you and yours.

Ultimately, we’re just two people trying to make a difference in our community and for other communities in the future.


Matthew R.Q. Lawson                                      

Owner & Operator, Trillium Organic Services

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