At T.O.S we believe  your questions are the most valued way for us to learn and grow with our community and as a company.  Below are a list of some questions we’ve had and some we anticipate.  For further information, please visit our contact page.

When Is Organic Collection Day:

To make things easier for you and your family T.O.S collection days will be scheduled between hours of 6am & 8am alongside your weekly Garbage and Recycling.

Where Does It Go:

To ensure that your waste is not being wasted T.O.S is taking your Organics to the Agraria property just outside of town to allow community members to see the process and conversion back to its natural. healthy state.

Is This Safe For The Environment and Community:

Yes, breaking down Organic Material, particularly on a large scale, is the most effective way to convert our waste back to it’s natural state, keeping our communities and environment healthy for the future.  T.O.S works with local government agency to assure our environment remains healthy.