The average American household produces approx *30.1 pounds of garbage per week, roughly 30% of this is Organic Waste.   This equals 9.03 pounds of potential organic reusable soil from each household, each week.  With a population of 3,680(2016 stats)Yellow Springs will on average produce bi-weekly, 17,319.54 pounds of organic waste.  Sadly much of this ends up in landfills around our communities.

Placing our organic waste into landfills rather than turning it back into its natural healthy state and recycling, produces methane gas(CH4)which is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide(CO2).  Leachate, a by product of rotting waste, migrates toxic dissolved chemicals from our landfills into our natural resources like, rivers, groundwater, lakes, etc.   This is a devastating environmental issue and referred to as LANDFILL LEACHING.  Treated leachate outfall

As members of Trillium Organic Services, we can begin to alleviate this impact from our households and continue evolving the way we choose to see and  invest in our environment.  Residential Organic Waste Disposal is a small personal contribution for investing in our communities greener, healthier and more sustainable future.

” The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

Sign up today and continue making a difference.

*US environmental protection agency

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