As resident of Yellow Springs your concerns are our concerns, this is why T.O.S is providing our community with an affordable and friendly way to convert your Organic Waste back to its natural, healthy environment.

Having worked diligently to ensure the best price possible for all community members, our monthly membership fee is lower than the national average standards for Organic Waste disposal.  We are committed to provide as many people in our community with an opportunity divert their waste from landfills.

We provide a weekly, door-to-door pick-up service to ensure sanitary disposal of your Organic Waste. Your Organic Waste pick-up will be on the same day as your recycling and garbage.

When you sign up with T.O.S, each member will be issued a 4 gallon forest green waste sanitary container with the T.O.S logo and a list of the ”Do’s and Don’ts” – an easy reminder of what you can compost.

Membership fee: A one-time container purchase = $8.92 (tax included) & then $19.99 (tax included) monthly service fee; which amounts to just under $5 per week!

please call Matthew Lawson to sign up today: 937.768.4272

Working with T.O.S community members to ensure a cleaner community and knowing your donations will help pave the way to a healthier future is our wish.

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