various items permitted in the green bin, such as food and coffee grounds                        

All Food Waste

  • Vegetable scraps and peels, corn cobs and husks
  • Fruit cores, pits, peels
  • Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish (including bones)
  • Pasta, bread, grains, cereals, rice, flour
  • Dairy products, eggs (including shells)
  • Nuts, nutshells
  • Baked goods, desserts


  • Coffee grounds, filters, tea bags
  • Newspaper
  • Toilet Paper Roles
  • Paper napkins, paper towels, tissues
  • Soiled, non-coated/unlined paper plates and bags (e.g. from flour and sugar)
  • House plants, including soil
  • Pet waste, bedding, cat litter

What’s Not Accepted

Items not accepted in the green bin


  • Plastic bags (soft and stretchy)
  • Plastic food containers and cutlery (black and compostable plastic is garbage)
  • Aluminum pie plates, trays, roasting pans
  • Foam polystyrene meat/fish trays (absorbent pads are garbage)


  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Plastic bags (rigid and crinkly)
  • Plastic-lined paper packaging (e.g. single-serve oatmeal packs, some outer tea bags)
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Plastic food wrap (stretchy)
  • Meat/fish tray absorbent pads
  • Hot and cold drink cups
  • Aluminum foil wrap
  • Chopsticks, popsicle sticks, toothpicks
  • Cotton balls, cotton tipped swabs, make-up pads, dental floss, baby wipes, dryer sheets
  • Gum, wax, wine corks, vacuum bags/contents
  • Cigarette butts


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