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Fruits & Vegetables                 *Meats or Fish

  Coffee Grounds &                    Bones and Scrap


  Dryer & Vacuum Lint              Lard, Fats & Oil

  Egg Shells                                    Pet Waste

   Rice                                              Dog or Cat Feces

 Tea Bags                                        or Soiled Kitty Litter)

 Nuts & Seeds                              *Yard Trimmings Treated with Pesticides

House Plants                               Stickers from Fruits & Vegetables

Shredded Newspapers                   

Hair & Fur                          

Cardboard Rolls                           

Leaves   Sawdust

Wood Chips

Hay & Straw

Organic Untreated Paper Towel

*Yard Trimmings along with Animal Products will become available for disposal in the future.