Do’s                 Don’ts

From the Kitchen                        

Fruit and vegetable scraps                                   Stickers from fruits & Vegetables Bones

Eggshells                                                                     Pet waste from cats or dogs

Coffee grounds                                                          Non-organic material or chemicals

Coffee filters                                                              Bones

Tea bags (from natural materials)  


Dairy Products

Loose leaf tea 

Spoiled soy/rice/almond/coconut milk 

Used paper napkins and paper towels 

Unwaxed cardboard pizza boxes 

Paper bags 

The crumbs you sweep off of the counters and floors 



Bread, pitas, or tortillas 

Tortilla chips or potato chips

Spoiled pasta sauce or tomato paste 

Crumbs from the bottom of snack food packaging 

Paper towel rolls 



Cardboard boxes from cereal, pasta, etc. (Remove any plastic windows)

Used paper plates (as long as they don’t have a waxy coating) 

Nutshells (except for walnut shells, which are toxic to plants) 

Tofu and tempeh 

Seaweed, kelp or nori 

Unpopped, burnt popcorn kernels 

Old herbs and spices 

Stale candy 

Cardboard egg cartons 

Pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds 

Avocado pits

Wine Corks 

Old jelly, jam, or preserves 

From the Bathroom

Used facial tissues 

Hair from your hairbrush 

Trimmings from an electric razor 

Toilet paper rolls 

Nail clippings 

100% cotton balls

Cotton swabs made from 100% cotton and cardboard (not plastic) 

100% cotton sanitary pads 

From the Laundry Room

Dryer Lint 

Old cotton clothing (ripped or cut into small pieces) 

Cotton fabric scraps (shredded) 

Old wool clothing (ripped or cut into small pieces) 

From the Office

Bills and other plain paper documents 

Envelopes (minus the plastic)

Pencil Shavings 

Sticky notes 

Old business cards (Non-glossy) 

Around the House

“Dust bunnies” from wood and tile floors 

Contents of your dustpan (pick out any inorganic stuff, like pennies and Legos) 

Crumbs from under your couch cushions (again, pick out any inorganic stuff) 


Junk mail ( remove coated paper and plastic windows) 

Subscription cards from magazines

Old rope and twine (chopped, natural, unwaxed only) 

Leaves trimmed from houseplants 

Dead houseplants and their soil 

Flowers from floral arrangements

Natural potpourri 

Used matches 

Ashes from wood burned in the fireplace, grill, or outdoor fire pits

Grass clippings (from non-pesticide-treated lawns)

Dead autumn leaves 

Sawdust (from plain wood that has NOT been pressure-treated, stained or painted) 

Party and Holiday Supplies

Paper table cloths 

Crepe paper streamers

Those hay bales you used as part of your outdoor fall decor

Natural holiday wreaths

Evergreen garlands


Fur from the dog or cat brush 

Droppings and bedding from your herbivorous pet rabbit, gerbil, hamster, etc. (Do NOT use dog or cat poop.

Newspaper/droppings from the bottom of the bird cage


*Yard Trimmings along available for disposal in the future.